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Claymore (Manga)

Claymore_manga_v16 Humanoid shape-shifters known as Yoma, Yoma-hybrids known as silver eyed witches wielding broadswords, a medieval world where it’s all about hunting or being hunted – that’s what Claymore is about. Written and illustrated by Norihiro Yagi, Claymore stands out on a vast world of humans and Yomas with bandits in between to wreck more havoc. The workflow of the Claymore World is simple – Find a Yoma, hire a Claymore, get the Yoma slain and pay up from your wallets to the man in black. Yomas are monsters who feed on the organs of humans and it is the task of the Claymores to hunt them down. These so called Claymores work for a mysterious group known as The Organization. Classified under ranks, separated by regions, these Claymores are half human and half Yoma, thus Yoma hybrids by name. The broadswords yield to them the title of Claymores by humans. Use your Yoma power and cross over the 80% limit, and you turn into a Yoma and lose your humanity. Stay within the limits and you retain your individuality. Each Claymore comes equipped with their traditional fighting style, a unique sword technique and Yoki ability. Ranks classify them on the basis of their strength. c5d6245def9642f0b4cf49a7049df3fe Ranked 47, Clare, a human who willingly went Claymore by knocking onThe Organization’s Door of her own free will, hunts for a savage Awakened Being which was once a Claymore itself responsible for the destruction of her sister-like companion who was once known as the strongest of Claymores – Teresa of the Faint Smile. Accompanied by Raki, a once village boy whose parents were eaten by Yoma and who was betrayed by his own Yoma-turned brother without realizing he was possessed, now follows Clare’s lead, who saved him from being eaten up and strives to tail her wherever she goes.   Now let’s face facts, we don’t see such dark fantasy themed plots popping out in manga, at least, ones not landing in a medieval world. The amount of gore portrayed in the manga will definitely keep your eyes peeled and your mind running like a rat race of the century. The cast of characters is definitely intriguing. CzQQuCA Selfless and heartless without fear of death – these Claymores have no desire. Humans, whose flesh were instilled with the stature of Yoma blood, now are powered by The Organization’s whims, crossing deserts and villages on foot just to slay Yomas. Money, lust, hunger, greed and the seven deadly sins of mankind – these Claymores lack all in all with the alteration of their physical well being. Killing humans is a taboo and calls for the mark of death in the realm of Claymores. [gallery ids="371,370,369,372" type="slideshow"] The illustrations vividly portray the journey of Clare’s venture into the world of Claymore and Raki’s companionship as well, along with their pasts and paths crossing as well.  Perhaps it is destiny or maybe they are pawns of the play – Author Norihiro Yagi will definitely keep readers near the edge of their seats with his skillful narration. If you’re looking for something dark, gory and unexpected then Claymore is the manga for you without a shred of doubt.  3805421-24  

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