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Culture Fever - Otaku Village

anime-christmas-wallpapers It's about time we change the world and make the change. Anime has long since inspired us not just with their beautiful art, amazing storytelling and breathtaking music but mostly with its life principles. Being an otaku is not just about being a fan of japanese culture. It's about being a part of it or being one with it. When you declare yourself of being an otaku, you call yourself human - it's a part of life. anime-quotes-about-life-2 Since childhood days, we've all been exposed to Animax, probably India's only channel where anime in its purest forms was aired. Anime touched our hearts in ways words couldn't describe it. What better way to spread the spirit than be immersed in a culture which promotes overall well being? OTAKUSEA The culture of anime and manga imbibe within us principles of life that can impact our lives long term down the road. These may seem like small scale examples but everything starts from the seeds of growth. India is now blossoming with cosplayers with talents unrecognized, artists hidden in the abyss and a plethora more of talented otaku folk. At Otaku Village, we try to bring that cult following to fruition in India. It's not just about  merchandise, it's not just about advertising, it's about cultivating a family, a generation of greatness. A family of fans, where there's no judgement and to each their own ways. We know everyone loves anime, but how scattered we really are in terms of being a family. It's not about cities or boundaries, it's all about being under one roof, under a village of villages. Welcome to Otaku Village. So what's your passion, fellow otaku? 6567181  

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December 16, 2016

I need to be part of Otaku Village. It’s my being. Haha I just want to watch anime and read manga all day

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