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One Piece Fan Theories (Upcoming Arcs)


Do not read this post unless you've caught up to Chapter 848 (Big Mom Arc)

One Piece 848: Goodbye at MangaFox.me Imagination Piece! One Piece and our fan-boy imagination... This week, I have no idea what to talk about and it's okay, sometimes it happens. So... now... IT...IS.. One Piece Time! :D I am sure most of you, if not, some of you are genuine One Piece fans And if you haven't heard of One Piece or watched the anime/read the manga, then you better check it out. Really good stuff. So right now I have been reading up the manga and Luffy is in a pinch with Big Mom. The expression he made in the manga panel clearly reminds me of the time Ace died. After all, Luffy isn't your typical shonen manga character. One Piece 848: Goodbye at MangaFox.me Right now we've got three possible speculations- Jinbei, the fishman under Big Mom's territories, Carrot- the Mink who recently joined up the Straw Hats for their Big Mom Adventures, Pedro - the mink, again. Again, I feel Pedro could be a possible member since he mentioned to Luffy that he wants to help him become the Pirate King by gathering the Poneglyphs. Carrot just finds it fun to join the crew and I am sure Luffy doesn't mind having "fun" members. Jinbei promised way back he wanted to join the crew and Luffy even approved. However due to his obligations, Jinbei postponed his joining the crew to a later date. Finally, Ceaser Clown. I know right?pretty crazy. I remember Luffy saying he wanted variety. He wanted a cook (check) , musician (check) , doctor (check), navigator (check) and  a few others. He also mentioned Pirates dance and sing. And if that's the case, I think, what if, the 10th member could be a dancer. I mean - think about it. Another weird fact that's been bugging me is that Luffy said he wanted 10 members. If he meant crewmates/friends then that must be excluding himself. Which means the total Straw Hat member tally could end up being 11 members (including Luffy). Excluding him will be 10. The other thing I am excited about is if Luffy becomes the Pirate King, will Law end up being a Yonko. There were some rumours speculating that Shanks might die at the end of the manga (when the manga nears completion) after Luffy/just before Luffy becomes Pirate King. And Shanks being a Yonko means one slot will open up and Law could take up to that. Other possibilities of the final Straw Hat member could be one of the Big Mom's crewmates. I remember Luffy telling Pekoms that once Sanji marries, all of  Big Mom's subordinates should become his. Also we haven't factored in Kaido. And Kid being one of the worst generations... What could make this even more epic if the pirate alliance became a threeway alliance. Law, Luffy and Kid Alliance. Ah, but Luffy already formed the Ninja-Pirate-Mink Alliance... What are your thoughts on all this? Post your theory and we'll list it below in the blog!    

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