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The Breaker (Manhwa)

the-breaker-728282 Shioon is a high school student who gets bullied every day. Despising the lack of strength within him, he seeks to find the answer to why he is a weakling from within and desires to bring about a change within himself. And that’s when the curtains to his overpowering fate open up when Goomoonryong, famously known as the Nine Arts Dragon in the Murim Alliance rescues him one day from the brink of death. Shioon was saved in the nick of time when his desire to fight back seeped below the ground down the crevices of pain. Written by Jeon Geuk-Jin and Illustrated by Park Jin-Hwan, The Breaker, is a manhwa (Korean Manga), which revolves around the tales of martial artists in the Murim Alliance, highlighting the Nine Arts Dragon’s story of joy and tragedy reveling in the dark past of his life.   the-breaker-728069 The manhwa does a splendid job In attracting the readers’ attention as it warps you into the life of the weak mixed with the life of those who know the meaning of strength, even though later on, it turns into the strength of discord. tumblr_static_breaker Shioon’s life completely changes after that meeting with Chun-Woo, his English teacher at high-school, whom he fondly recalls as Sunsengnim, a term of endearment and respect addressed to a mentor. Tapping out his potential, Shioon proves to be a monster of his own kind in the face of the Murim Alliance as a tale of heart breaking woe awaits Goomoonryong and his student in the aftermath of the battle. The Breaker will surely nab your brains and spin it off within a mix of emotions burning in the fiery depths of a living hell accompanied by the light joys of life.  


010 A commendable note on The Breaker is the style of illustrations and the character designs, which convey the story vividly and portray the characters, remarkably. The compositions and backgrounds are mesmerizing and literally pull your eyes into the story, itching your brains all over to take a look. The dialogues are well done, though, the names of the characters are a bit hard to grasp, unless you’re an avid manhwa reader or a native Korean speaker. Another awesome side to the manhwa is the depth of the story. You’ll never get tired of reading it. The fights in the manhwa are really intense and breathtaking; especially how few panels blend in with one another in certain battles. The history of the past is mixed with the hope for the future which soon enough, gets wrecked in the end. The Nine Arts Dragon is said to be ruthless, owing it to the death of his master, but under Shioon’s influence he takes a turn for the good. His transformation is another sight worth seeing. The manhwa is just not a good read once you get into it, it’s more like you’re right in front of the scene, overseeing the plot being animated right inside your mind. That’s how much of an impact The Breaker leaves on readers. Finally, to top it off, the manhwa has even got a sequel to it which is currently ongoing, which means another whole plot. Summing it up, yes, The Breaker is a must read for all. othe_breaker_v09_069  

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