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Character Of The Month 101 - Ken Kaneki

Hey folks, first of all, welcome to Otaku Village and we hope you are having a great day so far! At Otaku Village, we are now featuring a character of the month series, where we highlight an awesome anime/manga character and talk about his/her backstory. Why are we doing this? Let's face it. Who doesn't love giving a tribute to their favorite character? Right? And secondly, maybe the guy/girl might be new to you so it might even add another series to your watch-list! See what we did there? A win-win situation! So, without further ado, let's go!


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1253"] Innocent Kaneki[/caption]   Ken Kaneki is best known from the manga series Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul: Re, illustrated by the amazing Ishida Sui mangaka-sensei. He also appears in the anime series, Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul Root A. [gallery ids="272,273,274,275,276,277" type="slideshow"] One of the main protagonists whose story is that of a tragedy, Kaneki's life starts off as an ordinary student in Kamii University. His biological family passed away and so he had no one to rely on or be close to. His one and only best friend Hide, was his relief from a dark life. Kaneki's life revolves around the world of humans and ghouls. Ghouls basically devour humans to gain nutrition and are much stronger than the average human with their weapons being stored inside their bodies, known as Kakuhou. Won't go into the details of how they make use of them but the gist of it is, they need to power their RC cells in order to function well and the only source of nutrition for that is human meat. Due to the differing organ contained in their bodies in contrast to that of humans, they have lost their sense of taste, meaning - any type/kind/form of food is indigestible, due to their organs' structure. However, the only exception is caffeine and that is the only fluid Ghouls can enjoy and savor the taste on the same level as humans. Ghouls can be humans-turned-ghouls via experimentation through organ transplantation or can be naturally occurring Ghouls. Kaneki met a Ghoul named Rize and got almost killed by her until both of them met with an unfortunate incident where Rize dies and her organ is transplanted into Kaneki's body in order to save him. As a result, Kaneki becomes a human-turned-ghoul and is forced to live a very different life. [gallery ids="290,289,288,287,285,282,277,283,284,274,272" type="slideshow"]   Kaneki's life story is basically how he joins Anteiku, a group of peace loving ghouls who live off of the meat of dead corpses/dumped bodies and run a coffee shop for humans. He gets involved with a twisted Ghoul named Jason via the clashes between the CCG (a human organization which hunts Ghouls) and the Ghouls. Due to the inhumane torture by Jason, Kaneki changes a lot. By nature Kaneki is a gentle and caring person and dislikes confrontations. His strongest point is he reads a lot of books and how methodical he is. After the Jason incident, he grows a lot stronger and parts ways with Anteiku in order to protect them. Sadly, things don't go his way and he ends up getting almost killed by Kishou Arima, the strongest Ghoul investigator of CCG. In Tokyo Ghoul: Re, he is resurrected as Sasaki Haise, who is featured as a hybrid. Haise loses his memories as a result of this alteration from pure Ghoul back to human who possesses a quinque (a weapon made from a Ghoul's Kagune) inside him. He regains his memories later however and end up confronting his fatherly figure Arima though. [gallery ids="286,276,273" type="rectangular"] Now what do we like about Kaneki? His shades of dark actually. Every emotion embedded within him originates from a series of bitter experiences. He lost a mother through overwork, he never even knew his dad aside from the library of books he left with him when he was born. His friend, Hide, was the only one left who genuinely cared about him and now after becoming a Ghoul, he couldn't go back to the university and live a normal life. As a Ghoul, he gets treated like a pet or a specimen and gets referred to as the One-Eyed Ghoul (Ghouls generally have both their eyes turn blood shot red when they use their Kagune) He gets hunted and he sees his loved ones at Anteiku die right before his eyes. Rattled by his helplessness, he gets captured and enslaved by Jason and goes through inhumane torture. Right when he finds hope, even as a Ghoul, it gets snatched away mercilessly. He has to fight the very humans he resided with due to his status as a Ghoul even though he doesn't want to due to survival sake. Being very much consuming humans, he even goes to the depths of cannibalizing other ghouls to survive and nourish himself. At the end of it all, he gets to meet his friend Hide but nearly dies at the hands of Arima Kishou and gets turned into an investigator with lost memories soon, just like a doll/a puppet. [gallery ids="287,288" type="circle" columns="2"] Haise_Yukimura
 Haise Sasaki - Kaneki Reborn
  Again, he tried to break free of being manipulated and has to fight against those he loves. It's like a dual paradox of tragedy. Kaneki is one of those characters who are of the maturest sense, in terms of life's experiences. Even calling him mature would be an understatement. His life experiences are way past that stage. His face tells a story, his eyes paint his world and his hair is his life (That's a joke but we seriously love his hair)   And thus, this April, Kaneki Ken is our feature of the month. His favorite food as a human is hamburgers. Oh, and if you do stop by our store, take a sneak peek at our cool Kaneki Ken merchandise!  

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