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High School Debut Manga Review

4 Genre: Romance, Drama Status: Ended Number Of Volumes: 15 Written and Illustrated by Kazune Kawahara, High school Debut isn’t your typical cliché Shojo manga. Period. In fact, it turns over the cliché element to its utmost advantage, so much that you’d hardly call it clichéd. The story pans out with Haruna, the protagonist and the spotlight of the manga, a high school girl who was originally a popular softball player during her middle school days and a manga addict, wanting to try her luck in love. Sadly, due to her muscular figure and disparate sense of fashion and tomboyish looks, nobody even glances at her. She’s your typical example of a desperate roadie trying super hard to grab some attention or glances even from unknown strangers and passersby on the streets. One day she accidentally bumps into a guy called Yoh, a very popular guy, who hung out with his trio of three friends who was said to know all about dating, looks and playing to right cards to get oneself a girlfriend or a boyfriend. Yoh is more like the tragic hero who is idolized by tons of girls in school, who has got the hot stuff and looks packed into him. meeting The next day at school, surprisingly, she bumps into him again, accidentally, finding out that he’s a grade above her and asks him to be her “love coach.” This basically means mentoring her all about love and grooming herself right for the right occasion.   But Yoh has one condition – Haruna had better not fall for him. The reason for that is – he despises women and hates girls – whichever goes for the take. That’s pretty much the plot of the manga. 72dbb676cb1146861453759063033465 A part of the manga that really stands out is how maturely the relationship issues are sorted out. You rarely find couples toning down the fights and talking it out logically and from the heart. Not your ordinary romance manga for sure. Makes you realize how amazing some relationships can be. What’s again interesting about the manga are its plot twists. At one point of time, Yoh’s blood related sister even had a brother-complex for him. Again, the very same sister ditches Yoh’s best friend out of boredom and for a much unknown reason. Haruna’s love life gets shattered a few times and she falls for you-know-who. Oops. Spoiler alert! Just kidding! Additional characters get thrown into the story to spice up the plot a bit such as people trying to interfere with Haruna’s attempts and Haruna man-handling others when they try to take advantage of her or Yoh. It’s kind of hard to think of Haruna as a girl since she’s got the traits of man over a woman, mostly, take for instance – her sporty behavior, her sheer raw strength, her build and energy and so on. [caption id="attachment_326" align="alignnone" width="545"]08_084 Don't Worry. It's not a Yaoi Manga. [/caption] Now for the Art part. It’s really beautiful. You can stare at the pages for hours and all day long. The compositions are really mesmerizing. Especially the way the panels are drawn in detail with flowing hair, teary eyes and special inked effects, it really sparks up the scene. A few may complaint of how tall and skinny the characters but the Mangaka puts this to his utmost advantage. Simple and beautiful. If you feel uncanny about the art, you’ll start loving it soon enough the more you read since it really synchronizes with the scenes. [gallery ids="343,344,345,347,348,327" type="slideshow"] Overall, it is definitely a good read. No doubt about that. The spicy part is the love coach part. That’s actually the juiciest tidbit alongside the plot twists. It’ll get you hooked for sure! Hook, line and sinker – more like it. KoukouDebutfull778465

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