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One Punch Man!

One Punch Man - The man with not just a punch that sounds like fruit punch but actually tastes like one, in a deathly way. Or call it the man with a hot punch - one punch. Meet the caped baldy - Saitama, an ordinary everyday human who trained for 3 years straight so hard that his head went bald. That's a good example of what happens when you push beyond your limits and go from noob to pro.   One Punch man pretty much entails an overpowered hero who gets bored to death of beating up everyone with just a single punch. After all, what's the fun in defeating every opponent with a single punch? The good news is - he didn't become so powerful abruptly. It was days and months of sweat and effort. The story starts out with Saitama being unemployed for a pretty long time where he crosses the point of societal sanity and decides to be a hero for a hobby and later for a living. That is his childhood dream, coming to fruition, as he powers up. Truth be told, if there's one thing I picked up from One Punch Man it's that nothing's impossible and you can be who you want to become through hard work and effort. Literally, Saitama's ass gets kicked during his very first battle. No technique, no power, just the wizardry of his old school tie and some bloody good luck pumped with adrenaline. First episodes are always awesome. [gallery ids="433,434,435,436" type="slideshow"] Now what makes One Punch Man so entertaining is its range of Shounen protagonists and very crisp storyline. In some ways it feels like the anime Gintama, new plot - every episode, very random. However, steadily growing in terms of the story without us noticing. On one hand you have Saitama who is overpowered and on the other hand you have other antagonists such as Genos the Cyborg and King, the deceptive. Those elements add to the realistic factor of the show and the other myriad class heroes lets one gauge how realistic everyone is in terms of power whilst Saitama being the oddball out. Don't get me wrong, this is not a review, this is more of a why you should watch One Punch man post and why it's worth your time. For starters, the anime series is pretty short. Just 12 episodes. And for seconds, it doesn't let you die waiting. You get instant action from the very first episode with very fluid introductions and for a fast paced Shounen, it's pretty damn good. And the most important point - who ever gets to see a hero who KO's everyone with just a single punch? I'm pretty sure we don't get protagonists like that in every anime. Just that element alone is enough to rekindle our childhood wonder towards the almighty superheroes of anime. Makes us remember why they inspire us and why they are so awesome. The animation is very fluid. The fight scenes have some good camera angles going and really dynamic action. It gets you hooked. The soundtracks are real good too. [gallery ids="440,441,444,442,447,433" type="slideshow"] Another reason why I recommend this show is due to its comedic elements. It's really funny. Genos blabbering on about seeking Saitama's mentorship and going to the extremities to become his disciple officially  (imagine - a cyborg seeking a human mentor; you replace machine parts, not bulk them up like muscle so that alone makes me wonder how will Genos get more powerful like other humans besides replacing machine parts from his body?)and King, the hero everyone mistakes for being a legend who in reality stumbles upon happy accidents. Screenshot (306)
Won't spoil the show anymore beyond this point. Give it a shot. If you're a shounen lover and love shows like Hunter X Hunter 2011, Gintama and One Piece, chances are - you'll end up loving this show. However it lacks dark elements or anything super villainous like its counterparts Hunter X Hunter 2011 so if you're looking for some element of darkness, you won't find it, probably, yet. At least you'll get the element of mystery in certain spots. Mystery, comedy and action sandwiched in one baldy's Pandora box.

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July 06, 2016

Ditto to all of this! I loved One Punch Man and I’m so excited for a second season. It is funny, often in a subtle and witty way, and the characters and story are also very cool.

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