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What Kind Of Otaku Are You?

For today's post, let's talk about some fun and games, as long as its related to anime and manga culture. The very definition of Otaku is a person who has obsessions related to anime, manga or any aspect of the Japanese culture. A fan of anything-Japan, more like it. The typical picture of an Otaku paints that of a guy who lives in a room full of figurines,books, DVDs etc and while you are quite right, you might be a bit far off from the truth. But you're right, we can call them or let's just call ourselves, anime otaku. But have you ever wondered what other varieties of Otaku are out there? Fun Fact: Well, today, you're about to find out!

Anime Otaku

Pretty much the circle that encompasses most of us who watch anime except the only aspect of the truest amongst us anime otaku is that - we watch all genres of anime. That's what makes one anime Otaku. Moving images at its best. Fun myth-dispelling fact: Yes, Pokemon, Doraemon, Dragon Ball Z and Shin Chan are all anime and not normal cartoons.    

Manga Otaku

Still pictures with stories at their best, Manga Otaku is pretty much the same definition as anime otaku except the medium of entertainment this time is purely manga/japanese comics related.

Game Otaku

These otaku love games, anime games, period. Be it visual novel style games, eroge games or plain oldschool JPRG games, it doesn't matter.

Tech Otaku

Do you love hacking/anything development/programming related? Do you love anime/manga? Do you love building programs geared towards satiating your thirst for anime/manga? Congratulations! You're a tech otaku! A tech otaku is not just obsessed with the development related aspects of software but they are hardware geeks too. They obsessively study software/hardware related fields and try to bring their IT dreams to anime reality.  

Train Otaku

As crazy as it sounds, they love trains. But hey, we're all a different form of crazy. You'll find them carry massive star trek style recording equipment just to capture some footage. They love the sound of trains, the smell of the train fumes, the roaring of the train chugging along and I could go on with the lines but you get the point. Even the design, speed, specs, everything related to trains. Train lovers at their best.  

Cosplay Otaku

You've seen recent comic cons happening all across the country, nationwide. Delhi comic con, Bangalore comic con and a lot more out there , you'll find these folks hanging around every corner. Meet the cosplay Otaku!  

Military Otaku

You love stories of war and freedom, love manga which contains historic events and any sort of war-related gear, costume, weaponry etc. A good war manga is Kingdom.  

Figurine Otaku

You love figurines, action figures and realistic life-like anime/manga char dolls? You're a figurine otaku.

Seiyuu Otaku

Seiyuu Otaku comprises those who just love voice actors/actresses and obsessively researches about their work, their life and collects all they can about them. The ultimate definition of fandom. Got to catch em' all ;)

Idol Otaku

We all love music bands. Idol otaku take it a step further and love visual kei and j-rock/j-pop bands. They just love music and everything about the people making them.

Robot Otaku

Japan is very well known for making good investments in robot research. Robot otaku love everything about robots. They may even build robots and delve into in-depth research as a hobby.

Female History Otaku

Female History Otaku love knowing about pre-industrial Japanese personalities and may even adapt their voices and mannerisms since that period had been known to be as the period of innocence and adventure. They may even dress up as the people of that period.

Eroge Otaku

Eroge Otaku love everything about ecchi and the world under the sheets. They collect everything just like anime otaku except the only thing they collect is eroge material. They love body pillows too of their favorite characters.

Maid Otaku

Maid Otaku love everything about Maid Cafes and frequently visit these places. They love trying out different dishes and just hanging around maid cafes and being pampered by the services there. They love slice of life manga too which feature maid characters.

Wapanese Otaku

Wapanese Otaku love everything Japanese. They typically try to mimic Japanese by learning the language, culture etc, by essentially being a  part of them. Basically, non-japanese people learning about Japanese language, culture etc are known as Wapanese Otaku And that's it! For now! P.S. Just in case you were wondering, the plural of otaku is otaku, not otakus.

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