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No. 6 (Anime Review)

[gallery ids="191" type="rectangular"] When humans feign ignorance and turn a blind eye to the major crisis soaring across their own soils of time. When elders and higher ups tell you to become a scholarly person and imbibe within you that the law is the word of life, no matter how dirty it may be. Directed by Kenji Nagasaki and animated by Studio Bones, No. 6 shatters this boundary between the law and the reality and crystallizes this concept realistically. [gallery ids="195,194,193,192,190,189" type="slideshow"] Shion – a boy who is preparing himself for the gifted course and is expected to enroll at one of the finest educational institutions. Rat – a fugitive being pursued relentlessly by authorities to the brink of death in order to be used as a sample or rather a guinea pig and in order to extract a wealth of info in the form of a VC chip from his body which can risk his life in the process. The two encounter each other on a stormy night. Oblivious obedience against raw freedom. Face to face. The calm tides over the wild echoes. Might sound a bit too cliched but No. 6 lays down the white lies over the dark truths in its barest forms. The story spans out over the lands of 6 cities, No. 6 being one after the brink of extinction of the inhabitants of earth due to a devastating destruction. People are forced to live with their mouths shut tight. Any tinge of doubts can get one expelled by the Bureau Of Security and Law Enforcement and can label one as an outlaw/missing individual. But in reality, they’re taken elsewhere in a correctional facility, expelled from their homes, snatched away from their loved ones. And yet, two boys try to bring about justice by their own means with respect to this regard and hope to uncover the truth. Their only difference – their ideals. One wants to protect No. 6 and the other - to destroy it. [gallery ids="202,203,201" type="slideshow"] By all means, No. 6 is pretty good in terms of animation quality and visuals. Though some hints of intimacy and aloofness are there throughout the anime, the core plot is about how the two boys meet. One being the hunted and the other being the clueless. This encounter changes both of their lives and reshapes their outlook towards their lives and No. 6. In terms of music, the soundtracks are pretty neat. The opening theme sounds really beautiful. With regard to the plot, it cuts pretty short, especially the ending seemed a bit disappointing. Either way, we’ve summarized the anime in the sentences above. What the anime imparts are some of life’s best lessons in the form of a good story. Watch it and you’ll know it soon enough. The anime has ended long time since and spans over a mere 11 episodes, though it’s worth the watch. no6_poster

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