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MegaMan Powered Up! (Game Review) [PSP]

156011-mega_man_-_powered_up_usa-2 Some games are a bunch of full throttle RPGs, while some are FPS or Racing and then there’s MegaMan Powered Up!  – a perfect example of an old school classic revamped completely for the sake of its fans and gamers on to the PlayStation Portable (PSP). MegaMan Powered Up!  - is filled with gorgeous graphics and with tons of features, which one would have never expected of an old school classic game. And not just that; the graphics complement the gameplay too, which makes it a truckload of fun! gfs_71511_2_2 If one were to ask, just to fill in the void of curiosity, Capcom, its developers, indeed, didn’t make a lazy move remaking the Mega Man series and compiling it into the MegaMan Powered Up!   game as we know. In fact, unlike some games which can be devilish remakes stocked with hideous controls and features, Mega Man breezes through players across lush environments and sparkly cel-shaded battles, all whilst maintaining the vast expanse of 2D platform gaming. What’s Mega Man about? You play the role of a kid-sized robot whose task is to defeat other robots that are deemed to be bad, due to them being reprogrammed by the evil genius, Dr. Wily. Your goal is to soar through tons of various themed environments and beat them on their own ground at their own game. Once defeated, each robot or droid offers a unique power up as a bonus which you can equip, thus gaining their abilities. . The original 8 bit-game allowed players to fight around 6 bosses but this remake features an additional two – Oil Man and Time Man. Oil Man’s battleground is packed with fire spewing bots and a lot of slippery environments whereas Time Man’s battleground is docked with explosives and time stopping pendulums, which makes it a treat for a play and a feast for the eyes.   Best of all – everything looks pretty cute. [gallery ids="408,409" type="slideshow"] Where gameplay is concerned, players can play either in the old school classic mode where it’s just you and a bunch of other robots with special abilities followed by Dr. Wily at the top of the list, or the newly added Story Mode, where you can play through as Mega Man followed by a mesmerizing, charming story. 2   What’s even better – Just like the old school game, once you defeat your robot counterparts, you acquire their abilities, just like in the old school game! What makes it even better is the fact that you can play the Story Mode as the other robots, which means Mega Man becomes your enemy.   The layout and the battle gameplay is the same as the original classic but it’s much more fluid in terms of gaming mechanics and a lot sharper. The music is basically tunes which are original remixes of the 8-bit soundtracks that blend in well with the game’s theme and complement the characters’ well done voicing. A massive, fun-filled experience with various difficulty settings jam packs it with a bucket load of awesomeness. The level editor, various checkpoints in the game, slick menus, lack of bugs and good portability well rounds the game and makes it live up to its name as a remake. 3 The final verdict – MegaMan Powered Up!   is truly a fun, well-refined game filled with gorgeous graphics and a mesmerizing story, followed by fluid gameplay mechanics. A perfect example of a good remake of one of the most famous 8-bit classics in the realm of NES gaming remakes.

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