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Welcome To N.H.K. (Anime)

Welcome To N.H.K. (also known as NHK Ni Youkoso) is the story of Tatsuhiro Sato, who leads the life of a hikkikomori, a socially withdrawn individual who lacks the desire to contribute socially to the workforce in Japan. Being a NEET, he gets stuck inside his home for months and lives off of his parents' monthly allowance. What I really like about this show is how realistic it is in terms of life and imagination. Sato, being a NEET claims it is the evil N.H.K. who made him what he is and is forcing him to live his life like that. Sato frequently has trouble interacting with people and barely goes out of his home which looks like a flea market when soon enough a girl named Misaki drops by on an errand. Soon enough she starts strolling into his life, trying to help him recover from the darkness , self pity, low self esteem and isolation-like qualities within him That's the gist of the show. What really spices things up is Sato's bouts of motivation and fear when he meets his old college junior friend Yamazaki and embarks on a game design project. Just when things feel like they're progressing smoothly, he relapses and backtracks on his own gains. It's not a drama or comedy show. It's plain hardcore reality. Hikkikomoris do exist you know. In fact, hikkikomoris become who they are when life hits them hard. They don't get out of their room, stay inside playing games all day and whiling away their life and time. The depressing part is they feel sad. Lost souls who don't know what they are living for. This is one of those shows that leave an impact on you for life. Every episode has a purpose, every action in it has. You will laugh, cry, feel the pain and guilt and  even relate to the varying degrees of frustration a hikkimori faces as soon as you watch this. Prepare to be teary-eyed.   This is what this show brings the  best out of. No superheroes, no superpowers, no mind games, no shonen stuff. Plain old school reality at its best - another cornerstone of life. Where the art is concerned, the animation is clean and the soundtracks are beautiful. Simply beautiful. If there's one  point I'd like to make - if you ever encounter hikkimoris, don't make fun of them. Just watch this show and maybe, just maybe, it will change your perspective. It teaches empathy. Definitely one of my favorite shows. Did that pique your interest? Then give it a watch, I'm sure you'll love it. :) nhk-ni_-youkoso-full_-812154-750x290        

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