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Black Goku - First Impressions



If any of you have been recently catching up on Dragon Ball Super, Toriyama's newly acclaimed continuation from the events right after the Buu Saga, Dragon Ball Super has been getting stellar since the introduction of new transformation modes such as the Super Saiyan God Mode and Super Saiyan Blue. Up to the second arc, it follows up to the Resurrection of F plot but things get real juicy after that.   With the discovery of different Gods of Destruction and the King of Everything, frankly speaking the whole new series has so far been mindblowing So... Let's get to the good stuff, on to the brand new super villain - Black Goku.   Resembling very much like Goku, a lot less is known about this evil nemesis of the future He wears a potara ear-ring, his ki is dark and he has something known as a time wring adorned on his finger. It's pretty much surprising how Trunks in SSJ2 mode was easily beaten by Black Goku. His costume design is really cool and his fighting stance resembles that somewhat of the Kais. My only speculation is he could either be a God Of Destruction or somehow related to the Kais. Due to the potara on his ear, I suspect there might be a Black Vegeta. His demonic presence in the smoke when he wasn't revealed might also hint towards him being from the demon realm coupled with the fact he desires the extinction of the saiyans.   Another theory *fanboy mode [ON] :D * could be that he might have been good at first and later after having reached a certain level of power by training with the Gods of Destruction, he was denied any more power and became evil from there on in search of power and desired to destroy his race to prove he's the strongest.   Or maybe since he is from the future, he might be the evil Goku sent to Earth minus the part where baby Goku got hit in the head and from there he became evil. That possibility is low because Trunks is from the future and the real Son Goku was good even there, which only leads to time travel with the time ring being the explanation. But Black Goku seemed surprised to land into Universe 7 via time travel so maybe he really hadn't time traveled before.   Either way, many mysteries surround him. Why is he evil? Why is he black? (just kidding [lol] ) Hopefully we'll find out some answers in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. So, Dragon Ball Super fans, what's your theory about Black Goku? =)

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