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Know Your Creator 101 - #1 - Hayao Miyazaki

All of us watch anime but how many of us take the time to look at behind the scenes? Whilst mangaka are well known, animators are like the unsung heroes of the Japanese animation industry. It's true. Which is exactly why it's time we did something about it. Let's go behind the scenes.




If you've ever watched any of the Studio Ghibli films, chances are, you've come across the name of Hayao Miyazaki. He's a director, screenwriter, mangaka but most important of all, a veteran animator by heart. Miyazaki is very well known for the elements of humanity and heartwarming moments in most of his films. Personally, I love his film, titled, "Howl's Moving Castle." Stretching imaginations far and wide, his films are hand-drawn animations and that just goes on to show how much dexterity and creativity he's got. Top that off with the added element of creating mystical fantasy worlds which spark youth and adult minds alike and there - you've got yourself a modern creative genius. Miyazaki's viewpoint and essence of creativity comes from daily life and observation and he is also of the view that the reason the anime industry is full of otaku (no, not us, the ones who draw only anime and no real life stuff) is because they can't stand looking at other humans. Fun fact: He advocates life drawing as his main source of inspiration and skill in creativity. He personally reviews every frame in his films and most of his works originate in water color on screen.  He employs traditional animation in his films with the occasional touch of computer added imagery. He is also a writer and director and plays both these roles during the creation of his films. Some of the themes in his films comprise of anti-war, fantasy, imaginary narratives and machinery. He's also a huge fan of landscapes as portrayed by the vivid and lush scenic backgrounds in his films. Want to know more about Hayao Miyazaki's works? Next week, we'll talk about other anime creators soon and briefly run over their works, process and a little bio. 

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