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Know Your Creator 101 – #3 – Joe Inoue


Most people assume being a creator translates to being a visual artist or a mangaka, but sometimes this concept is a misnomer since the act of creation is not limited to the art-making or music but other endeavors as well; literally, any part of the process that contributes to the creation of the entire product or manga or the art-form.

At Otaku Village India, we make it a point to showcase skilled creators from Japan or any other country. As long as it’s anime or manga-related we talk about it- which is why, today, we talk about the famous singer – Joe Inoue!


Remember this Naruto opening?

Well, he sang it. Or more technically speaking, he created the song/theme/music for it.

So, what makes Joe Inoue’s music special? For starters, he plays all the instruments on his own which is why he is famously known as, ‘The One Man Band.’

He’s kind of like the One-Punch Man for music.


Here are two examples of his full band covers:




We aren’t stopping just here, not yet.

There’s more to him than what meets the eye. He, additionally, knows and can speak in more than 10 different languages and he’s even got a polyglot album too (music starts at 2:00) !

He loves traveling around the world, meeting with this fans, and learning new languages or experiencing different cultures. He loves Naples Pizza and writes, records, mixes, and creates all his songs on his own. He even films and edits his own videos so he does everything solo.
There you go.

If you want to get up and close to Joe Inoue, you can check out his multitude of different YouTube channels (he has multiple YouTube accounts) or his well renown Joepoedia!

tl;dr: Joe Inoue is the Naruto Singer who sings solo/is his own band (one-man band).

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