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Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin Anime First Impressions

Hey there guys, it's been a busy week and like always we love catching up to good old action packed anime. But this time, it's a little different. For those of you who love watching the classics, this show will be a treat for you all. Remember the good old days of Rurouni Kenshin, Getbackers and Yu Yu Hakusho? (If you haven't heard of these shows, we'll cover them soon) Rainbow is something similar with respect to the art style and the classic feel but this one's got a little darker side. The story follows the life of six teenagers being cast into the dark world of the Shounan Special Reform School for young delinquents charged on accounts of serious crimes. Little do we know what's in store for them. All assigned to cell 2-6,  a former boxer named Rokurouta Sakuragi lies there in wait, spending his sentence time and hoping to get released when the time comes. A sadistic guard named Ishihara tortures Sakuragi while the director of the prison's hospital rapes young boys and turns them into his playthings. Don't freak out yet. We're just getting started. The six inmates meets Sakuragi and soon enough gets enchanted by his moral ethics when Sakuragi punches them one by one and teaches them the meaning of morality by showing his human side. To be honest, the crimes those seven committed (inclusive of Sakuragi) were all done with valid reasons. They weren't evil. Just innocent guys thrown into a harsh world trying to protect what they always wanted to protect. Since I've watched a couple of episodes so far, all I can say is the series is absolutely brutal in the beginning. The guard plots to kill Sakuragi and those inmates and repeatedly fails. Soon enough he resorts to torture and tries to make them break the prison rules to prevent them from being released after serving their sentences. The six of them endearingly calls Sakuragi their "bro" and do whatever they can and stand up for each other. To sum it up, the anime highlights the rigors of prison life and what it feels like to have the roles reversed. Usually it's the bad guys beaming justice on the evildoers and naysayers but this time it's the bad guys outside the cellar and the good ones on the inside.  What's life like inside a prison? What if you're the good guy branded as the bad guy and unjustly locked inside a cellar only to be tortured and skewered? What if you're about to be released but life inside feels like eternal and you're never going to get out? Even before you get out, you'll be either MIA/killed in action due to some drama spurred by an evil guard/doctor duo. More importantly, how can a doctor commit such atrocious acts when he's supposed to be saving lives? If you've ever pondered upon stuff like this and wish to look into their minds and from this perspective, then this anime is your cup of tea. But that's not all to the dark side. There's hope and honor too - when the cell mates obey every rule, do not retaliate despite all that's done to them and follow the law inside. That's what makes one question judgement and morality, black and white etc. It's like brotherhood in a prison box. (And outside too) The pacing of this anime seems to be really good and once you start watching it, you'll get hooked. Alright, enough of a rant. Long story short: EPIC ANIME. It's a short series. Just watch it. Enough said.

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